Feeding Therapy

Our feeding therapists have been providing feeding therapy in our area for over 10 years.  We have amazing relationships with all the pediatricians in our area, and we will keep them apprised of your child's progress along with recommendations should your child require further medical intervention.  We have extensive experience with tube feeders, dealing with strong gag reflexes, and extreme sensitivities to tastes and textures.

We understand that feeding disorders can very difficult to treat and at Full Circle Therapies, it doesn't stop after your visit.  What sets our clinic a part, is you will have access to your therapist at all times.  That means if you are struggling with your child after hours, on weekends or holidays, we will provide you a direct line to your therapist.

What to expect:

If you feel your child has a feeding disorder and is more than just a 'picky eater' or if you feel your child is failing to thrive, address your concerns with your pediatrician.  The pediatrician will then send us a referral for the initial evaluation.  

During the feeding evaluation, our feeding therapists will determine the root cause for the issue.  Issues can range from being purely developmental, sensory, or your child may have a medical condition such as acid reflux or GERD, or being 'tongue tied'.

Feeding therapy doesn't stop at the office:

Successful feeding therapy outcomes take time.   It can be a very challenging and stressful journey, especially for new parents.  While our therapists are extremely good at what they do, the most important part of the team is YOU.  We will give you all of the tools necessary to have your child eating on their own in the shortest time possible, but remember, it will take time.  And remember, you will have access to your therapist outside of our clinic.

We set small incremental goals so we can celebrate your child's progress every step of the way.  You can read about one of our many success stories on our own blog HERE.